Office Administration Division

Susie Hemphill - Recruiting Manager

Office Administration Division

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Susie is the leader helping executives in Omaha and Lincoln hire high caliber individuals well positioned for success and happiness within office administration and customer care.  Susie specializes in placing executive assistants, office managers, directors of administration, administrative assistants, and important positions within customer care.

Susie understands the significant contribution and positive impact an impressive executive assistant, office manager, and administrative professional makes in a company.  Improving the efficiency, organization, and productivity of the top executive or leadership team improves the overall performance of the company because the administrative professional provides the leader with more time to focus on their strengths and most important tasks.

The secret to Susie’s success includes her genuine desire to understand the company, leader, position being filled, and the team which is in need of a new member.  Because she cares and is committed to identifying the right match, Susie is diligent while selecting individuals with successful track records and a commitment to quality.  Susie shared “I am passionate about helping a leader identify and hire an impressive individual into a position where they can do what they are great at within a company and culture where they can be themselves every day. Life is short and we all deserve to be in a position where we are having fun and fulfilled.  I have a lot of fun creating Win / Win / Win outcomes for the leaders who partner with us, to select an individual who loves their new position, and the co-workers who gain a rock star teammate . . . this is important work!”

Susie grew up in Oakland, Iowa; earned her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and her Master’s degree from the University of Nebraska-Omaha.  Susie was an educator at Bellevue Public Schools prior to shifting her focus to our family. In the early years, Susie played an important role at Hemphill while focused on administrative support, special projects, and event planning on a part-time basis when her full time focus was caring for four very active children (Camie, Austin, Miles & Carmel).  When our children headed off to college and into the work force, Susie shifted her focus to a full time Recruiting Manager position.

Susie is an active member of Westside Church, Executive Women International, and she played a leadership role while launching spousal forum groups within The Entrepreneurs Organization of Nebraska.  Susie is an outgoing and ambitious individual who loves engaging with our family and friends.  Susie loves cooking with and for our family, playing games, golfing, spending quality time in the Old Market or Haymarket, vacationing, hiking mountains, canyons, or rain forests, swimming in the ocean, skiing, and cheering for the Husker Football, Volleyball or Baseball teams!  You might find Susie exercising at the gym, working in the yard, gardening, or playing with our two shih tzu puppies.

Jeannie Harnack - Director of First Impressions

Office Administration Division

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Jeannie is in charge of “first impressions” and is a proud member of the administrative support team at Hemphill.  In this role, Jeannie works closely with all members of the Hemphill team to ensure each guest has an excellent experience, knows we genuinely care about them, and are eager to help.  She truly loves building relationships with clients, candidates, and Hemphill associates working at client locations.  Jeannie manages a wide variety of administrative responsibilities.  She administers the assessment surveys and selection tools that help Hemphill get selection and match analysis right the first time.  Jeannie also completes research, analysis, event planning, and marketing initiatives.

Jeannie is an outgoing individual who enjoys helping others, so her days are filled with opportunities to make a positive impact for our clients, the individuals we are assisting with career management, and Hemphill associates working at client locations.  Jeannie shared “I enjoy working with individuals from all walks of life.  We work with individuals at all stages of their careers, from those who are just starting out, to others who have a wealth of experience and prefer the flexibility that consulting projects offer.  Some are proactively managing a search, while others are doing well in their career, yet open to better opportunities.  There is a sense of fulfillment knowing we make a difference while helping them in their journey, including those that are relocating to the area. It’s very exciting every time we create the right match!”

Jeannie grew up in Carroll, Iowa.  She built an educational foundation at the University of Iowa, then moved to Omaha where she was the Executive Director of the Omaha Builders Exchange, before shifting her focus to her family and serving children as a preschool teacher.  Later, Jeannie enjoyed her time in staffing while working in the Human Resources department of Commercial Federal Bank.  Prior to joining Hemphill, Jeannie was an Administrative Assistant then Grants Manager for The Sherwood Foundation.  Jeannie is a Member of St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, a proud Mother of Jessica, Jayme, Michael, Maggie, and Mark, and a fun Grandma to Andrew, Alaina, Cecelia, and Lilly.  Jeannie enjoys spending time with family and friends, attending concerts, travel, scuba diving, dancing, and girls craft weekends.