2019 - An inside look into my first 125 days in the recruiting industry

My name is Chad Anderson and I am a Recruiting Manager with Hemphill Search Group focusing on direct-hire positions within Accounting and Finance. I spent 7 years of my career with Union Pacific Railroad prior to joining the Hemphill team earlier this year. I am now four months into my new role and wanted to share my experience thus far. Many people don’t know much about this industry, so I thought it may be interesting for people to have a glimpse into my experience just a few months after jumping into this fascinating industry.

I joined the Hemphill team with more than 10 years of diverse experience in accounting, financial analysis, forecasting, pricing, logistics, contract negotiations, and marketing. I knew that going from a Fortune 500 company to a locally owned small business, things would be different. I am huge on culture and I would say that’s the biggest difference. We may be a small team; however, we’re family, collaborative, competitive and on our way to becoming Great! I am currently reading the book, Good To Great, and one of my favorite quotes out of the book thus far is, “A company should limit its growth based on its ability to attract enough of the right people.” It’s refreshing that our owner, Dan, sees the long-term impact of hiring the RIGHT people and is extremely thorough throughout the process. The process of joining the Hemphill team is intentionally thorough. The process is open, honest, and very transparent as we had enlightening discussions while exploring my natural personality, strengths, and what inspires me. I found the conversations with Dan, Jeff, Bret, Susie, and Vicky refreshing as we were determining if this industry, firm and position would lead to success and happiness for me long-term. I appreciate the time we invested prior to receiving an offer. The process speaks to the care that is taken to make sure that Hemphill is the right fit for each team member.

It’s been eye-opening how fast-paced and competitive the recruiting industry is. There are many players in the recruiting industry from a single individual working out of their house to large multi-billion dollar firms. Companies have many choices when it comes to choosing a recruiting firm to partner with. Most recruiting firms work on a contingency basis and in most cases we are retained on an exclusive basis; however, some companies partner with a couple search firms to compete head to head which adds another challenging and competitive factor. This firm and the industry are fast-paced and competitive which is invigorating and fun. You have to work quickly and diligently while holding high standards and following the thorough match analysis process while looking for the “Right Match!”

Since day one, the Hemphill team has been extremely welcoming and dedicated to helping me get up to speed and aligned with our core values, systems, and all the steps that go into match analysis! I was pleasantly surprised during week one to hear our owner, Dan Hemphill, mention to me that in order to be successful and happy here long-term that it’s essential to always do the right thing! I can tell you first hand that he “walks the walk” and his actions support his words, and he expects everyone to do the same. Our mission is to select an individual that will be successful and happy long-term, and we pride ourselves in upholding that reputation with every client and candidate we serve. It’s amazing to see the long-standing relationships the Hemphill team has established over the years and why clients continue to use our services over many of our competitors. The equation is simple, operate with high integrity and always take the high road and do what’s best for our clients and candidates and loyalty will emerge over time.

In just four short months, I have been able to connect with many leaders across the Omaha metropolitan area. These leaders come from many different industries and utilize Hemphill for their hiring needs or for their own personal career management. People trust us because they know we operate with high integrity and that we’re squarely focused on delivering quality solutions the first time. This job is a blast because I get to work in a collaborative team environment and help find the perfect match for both our clients and candidates, which in return will make both of their lives and our lives here at Hemphill better!

As I tell my three year old daughter every morning, “Daddy gets to go help people today!” It’s so rewarding to be able to connect with many candidates and clients weekly, and crazy exciting every time we place an A+ candidate into one of our client’s positions where we know they’re going to be a rock star. We really get to change lives daily and that’s what gives me the thrill every day when I wake up to come to work! I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to join the Hemphill team and I look forward to many years to come.

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